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Good morning, how are you today? I like to tell you a little bit more about me. First, my birthday is on January 11, 1981. I decided to be a Professional Author because , I love telling the World.ūüĎĎ about my experiences , and I hope that you can find what happen so that you will learn from my mistakes , that is if I made any. I published my first novel Breathe : Based on A true story in year 2009. From then on I stayed published, publishing three more books, Amazing Bedtime Stories , The Lost little boy. My novels are solely about daily real life events . Their is much more to come in my volumes of Trilogy .

The 24 Climate Zones part 3


  • ¬† Zone 15–¬† 85%¬†¬† of¬† the¬† time¬† and¬† 15%¬† of¬† the¬† time¬† Coastal¬† climates area¬† are¬† influenced¬† by¬† the¬† Ocean.¬† Zone¬† 16¬† is¬† within¬† the¬† Northern¬† California¬† coastal¬† climate¬† however,¬† the¬† Winter¬† season¬† is¬† mild¬† because,¬† the¬† area’s¬† are¬† within¬† the¬† Thermal¬† Belts.
  • ¬† Zones¬† 16– North¬† Coast¬† Thermal¬† Belt
  • ¬† Zone¬† 17– Marine¬† effects-¬† Northern¬† California¬†
  • ¬†Zone¬† 18– Above¬† and¬† below¬† Thermal¬† belts¬† in¬† Southern¬† California’s¬† interior¬† Valley’s.
  • ¬†Zone¬† 19–¬† Thermal¬† Belts¬† around¬† Southern¬† California¬† interior¬† Valley’s
  • ¬†Zone 20– Cold¬† Winter’s¬† in¬† Southern¬† California¬† sections¬† of¬† occasional¬† Ocean¬† influence.
  • ¬†Zone 21–¬† Thermal¬† Belts¬† in¬† Southern¬† California¬† sections¬† of¬† occasional¬† Ocean¬† influence.
  • ¬†Zone 22– Cold¬† Winter’s¬† portions¬† of¬† Southern¬† California’s¬† Coastal¬† Climate.
  • ¬†Zone 23–¬† Thermal¬† Belts¬† of¬† Southern¬† California’s¬†¬† Coastal¬† Climate
  • ¬†Zone 24– Marine¬† Influence¬† Southern¬† California’s¬† Coast

The 24 Climate Zones part 2


Living¬† in¬† States¬† that¬† has¬† harsh¬† Winter’s¬† is¬† difficult¬† to¬† plant¬† a¬† Tree’s¬† and,¬† grow¬† them¬† because,¬† of¬† the¬† 32 degree’s¬† and¬† below¬† Winter¬† night’s.¬† Most¬†¬†plant’s¬† will¬† either¬† be¬† damaged¬† and¬† eventually¬†¬†wither¬† away.

  • Zone 7- Oregon’s¬† Rogue¬† Valley¬† and, California’s¬† digger¬† Pine¬† Belt.¬† Because,¬† of¬† the¬† influence¬† of¬† latitude¬†¬†¬† this¬† climate¬† of¬† similar¬† characteristic’s¬† is¬† found¬† at¬† a¬† low¬† elevations¬† plant¬† grow¬† well¬† for¬† instance,¬† Peony¬† Iris,¬† Lilac¬† and,¬† flowering¬† cherries.
  • Zone 8 – Cold¬† air¬† Basins¬†¬† of¬† California’s¬†¬†Central¬† Valley.¬† Zone¬† 8¬† is¬† the¬† lower¬† ground¬† where¬† Citrus¬† Fruits¬†¬† furnish¬† Lemons,¬† Oranges,¬† and,¬† Grapefruits¬† can¬† not¬† be¬† grown¬† in¬† Zone¬† 8¬† because,¬† of¬† the¬† cold¬† Winter¬† night’s.¬† During¬† the¬† night¬† in¬† Zone¬† 8¬†¬†¬† it¬† is¬† cold¬† enough¬† to¬† damage¬† or¬† even¬† kill¬† the¬† Plants¬† from¬† the¬† root.
  • ¬†Zone 9-¬† The¬† Thermal¬† Belts¬† of¬† California¬† Central¬† Valley.
  • Zone 10-¬† High¬† Desert¬† Of¬† Arizona¬† and,¬† New¬† Mexico
  • ¬†Zone 11-¬† Medium¬† to¬† high¬† Desert¬† of¬† California¬† and¬† Southern¬† Nevada
  • ¬†Zone 12-¬† Arizona’s¬† Intermediate¬† Desert
  • Zone 13-¬† Low¬† or¬† Subtropical¬† Desert¬† area.
  • ¬†Zone¬†14-¬† North¬† California’s Inland area¬† with¬† some¬† Ocean¬† Influence.


Zone 10¬† to¬† Zone¬† 13¬† are¬† area’s¬† going¬† towards¬† the¬† High¬† Desert¬† to¬† name¬† a¬† few

Victorville- Apple  Valley- Joshua  Tree- Needles- Barstow  to  plant  anything  in  those  Zones  would  be  very  difficult  because,  in  those  Cities  Summer  weather  is  constantly  in  the  100s  daily  even  116  degrees.

The 24 Climate Zones part:1


Everyone  love  to  plant  a  Garden  at  some  point  in  time  there  life.  Even  if  it is  only  for  personal  benefit,  a  vitamin,  mineral,  or  some  type  of  supplement  they  need  to  stay  healthy  or,   dissolve a  mass  in  the  body.  The  most  important  key to planting  Trees,  bushes,  edible  flowers,  moss,  Aloe Vera  is  to  be  accurate  that  it  is  the right  timing  and  that  the  Plant  can  grow  in  your  Climate  zone.

  • Zone 1-¬†Coldest¬† Winter’s¬† in¬† the West
  • Zone 2- Second¬† coldest¬† Climate-¬†In¬† the¬† second¬† Zone¬† it¬† is¬† considered¬† the¬† coldest¬† so¬† cold¬† that¬† the¬† soil¬† freezes¬† in¬† the¬† Winter¬† also¬† known¬† as¬† Winter¬† Frost¬† or¬† Hoar¬† Frost.
  • Zone 3-¬†¬† The¬† Middle¬† East¬† of¬† High- Elevation and¬† Interior¬† Climates
  • Zone 4-¬† Interior,¬† Cold¬† winter’s¬† in¬† the¬† map¬† area¬† of¬† the¬† United¬† States¬† Western¬† Washington¬† is¬† the¬† smallest¬† climate¬† zone¬† in¬† the¬† West.
  • Zone 5- Influence¬† of¬† the¬† Marine-¬† the¬† Northwest¬† coast¬† and¬† Puget¬† sound¬† mild¬† Ocean¬† air¬† bring¬† warm¬† Winters¬† to¬† the¬† area.
  • Zone 6-¬† Willamette¬† Valley-¬† partly¬† Marine¬† influence,¬† partly¬† interior.¬† Zone¬† 6¬† has¬† the¬† longer¬† growing¬† season.

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