Day’s Like This….

 On day’s like this, I feel so sick to my stomach… I ask myself why did I ever like him? why am I waking up early in the morning thinking like this when I have better things to think about?

Only I can make myself happy nowadays, nobody know’s how to keep me happy, or know what I want. I was just thinking about him, and when I do think about him I get sick to my stomach

Day’s Like This. I need to hire a maid because, I do not feel like doing nothing at all today. 

Hey, did I mention that I  woke up not feeling good today? I just want to lay in bed all day; blasting the fan on high, while the covers are piled up on me, pillows on my feet, pillows on my back, socks on my feet, and a lite night cap.

Yes, oh so comfy  as long as nobody comes over bothering me I shall recover quickly. so if anybody comes by expect to get dissed by me because, it will be the police answering my door, and that goes for you to gangster dubb. It will never be like years ago no love because, you that person everybody talks about { You know good?}.

Day’s like this..

I feel sick to my stomach all you haters watching me makes me want to vomit, breaking out in a cold sweet, chills; yeah I know you haters get a thrill. but, you still make me sick to my stomach when my movie comes out ” DON’T YOU EVER ASK TO BE ON IT”. It took me years to get where I am at you haters, and gangsters think you hard with an expensive hat. I got hundreds of those, and on top of that they ain’t knock offs like yours. You dumb looking whores have nothing else better to do with your time but, go around bustin, and nuttin thinking you will made me jealous because, you cheating. you’ll find yourself getting pistol whip messing with me trick.

You make me sick.. To my stomach…

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