Do you  like  to  read about  other  people  experiences, love life, and situations  that  could have  been  avoided? In their life .  Something  that  you  could  probably  learn to do in your life or to help someone  you love,and care about. Achieve  your goals ,  make your  dreams  come  true ,  love could  wait  if  it  is  true  love.  My blog  is  very  special  to  me  as  it  should  find  a  place  in  your  heart  also. My  music  is  expressions  I  have  let  come  to  life  through  Animation. I rather make a living writing because, things people have done to me in my life traumatized  me to  where I am  seriously  afraid  of  people  period. And, some  may say  it  is  dumb  read my  book  Breathe: Based on a true story;  I  wrote  this  book  immediately  after  all  the  terrible  things  that  was  done  to  me,  let  people  do  your daughter  the  way  they did  me  and, then  maybe  you  will  understand.  You  are  tuned  in  on  THE  SILVER  SHOW,  thank  you  and ENJOY!.7

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  1. Only fact about life is that you can only live it once. Instead of living life to it’s fullest or living the day like it is your last. Be wise making your decisions because , 4 times out of 5 not only your life depend on it but, so do your future and your baby. That is if you have one.


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