The Hiking Trip

adam and E  A  group  of  friends  went  on a  hiking  trip  deep  in  the  woods  at  a  Recreation  Park.  When you  first  go  on  to  the  grounds  at  a  distance  is a  Lake  and,  woods  surrounding  everywhere.  However,  far  up  a  ways  is  a  gate  kind  of  broken  enough  to  squeeze  through  but  no  one  is  allowed  to  pass  that  gate. There  was  no  signs  of  why, nor  a  warning  to  keep  out.  The  group  of  friends  decided  to  trespass  beyond  the  gate.  As  they  walked  further  and  further  sounds  of  Rattle  snakes  began  to  make  hissing noises. Rattling on the left at first, then another rattling on the right, and as the teens walked further into the woods the bushes and trees started to close in on them the path was getting narrow and even more narrow. One of the boys said” You here the rattling? it is coming from everywhere?”  Wait, this is a Rattle Snake nest  this is a Rattle Snake  territory. Hey! we got to get out of here before the snakes start to come out and block us in here.  Where  are  you  going?  the boy asked. I thought I saw something  you guys go ahead  I will catch up. so he walk  slowly and easy into the woods  where he thought he saw something  what he  saw  he  knew  nobody  would  ever  believe him.  He saw  a  naked  man  and  a  naked  woman.  The  woman  was  smiling  holding  some  type  of  fruit  eating  it  and  the  man  had  his  hand  out  and  the woman gave  him a  fruit  to  eat.  What  made  it  even  more  strange  there was  a  snake  hanging  from  the  tree  a  Rattle  Snake.

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