The Hiking Trip


adam and E¬† A¬† group¬† of¬† friends¬† went¬† on a¬† hiking¬† trip¬† deep¬† in¬† the¬† woods¬† at¬† a¬† Recreation¬† Park.¬† When you¬† first¬† go¬† on¬† to¬† the¬† grounds¬† at¬† a¬† distance¬† is a¬† Lake¬† and,¬† woods¬† surrounding¬† everywhere.¬† However,¬† far¬† up¬† a¬† ways¬† is¬† a¬† gate¬† kind¬† of¬† broken¬† enough¬† to¬† squeeze¬† through¬† but¬† no¬† one¬† is¬† allowed¬† to¬† pass¬† that¬† gate. There¬† was¬† no¬† signs¬† of¬† why, nor¬† a¬† warning¬† to¬† keep¬† out.¬† The¬† group¬† of¬† friends¬† decided¬† to¬† trespass¬† beyond¬† the¬† gate.¬† As¬† they¬† walked¬† further¬† and¬† further¬† sounds¬† of¬† Rattle¬† snakes¬† began¬† to¬† make¬† hissing noises. Rattling on the left at first, then another rattling on the right, and as the teens walked further into the woods the bushes and trees started to close in on them the path was getting narrow and even more narrow. One of the boys said” You here the rattling? it is coming from everywhere?”¬† Wait, this is a Rattle Snake nest¬† this is a Rattle Snake¬† territory. Hey! we got to get out of here before the snakes start to come out and block us in here.¬† Where¬† are¬† you¬† going?¬† the boy asked. I thought I saw something¬† you guys go ahead¬† I will catch up. so he walk¬† slowly and easy into the woods¬† where he thought he saw something¬† what he¬† saw¬† he¬† knew¬† nobody¬† would¬† ever¬† believe him.¬† He saw¬† a¬† naked¬† man¬† and¬† a¬† naked¬† woman.¬† The¬† woman¬† was¬† smiling¬† holding¬† some¬† type¬† of¬† fruit¬† eating¬† it¬† and¬† the¬† man¬† had¬† his¬† hand¬† out¬† and¬† the woman gave¬† him a¬† fruit¬† to¬† eat.¬† What¬† made¬† it¬† even¬† more¬† strange¬† there was¬† a¬† snake¬† hanging¬† from¬† the¬† tree¬† a¬† Rattle¬† Snake.