Values Of Life Pt. 2


¬†¬†¬†¬† Good¬† Morning,¬† to all¬† in¬† the World¬† that¬† prays¬†¬† to¬† God¬† with¬† a¬† humble¬† heart ¬†for¬† better¬† days.¬† When¬† this¬† world¬† began¬† our¬† first¬† parents¬† Adam¬† and¬† Eve¬† disobeyed¬† God¬† by¬† eating¬† the¬† forbidden¬† fruit¬† from¬† the¬† tree¬† in¬† the¬† middle¬† of¬† the¬† garden.¬† Instead¬† of¬† Man kind¬† inheriting¬†¬† the¬† most¬† beautiful¬† gift¬† which¬† is¬† everlasting¬† Life¬† to¬† live¬† forever¬† we¬† inherited¬† sin¬† and,¬† the¬† wages¬† of¬† sin¬† is¬† death¬† and¬† so¬† that¬† is¬† why we¬† die¬† because,¬† we¬† inherited¬† sin¬† through¬† our¬† first¬† human¬† parents¬† Adam¬† and¬† Eve.¬† However,¬† as¬† God’s¬† creation¬† that¬† he¬† loves¬† unconditionally¬†¬† he¬† gave¬† us¬† hope¬† to¬† regain¬† what¬† we¬† had¬† lost.

 He sent his only begotten son to earth to die for all of mankind, when Jesus Christ was killed his blood covered  that sin of Adam and Eve the sin of disobedience  from eating from the forbidden  tree, the tree of knowledge of good  and  bad.  Since  all of mankind  has been  forgiven  for that sin  the  sacrifice  did  not  cover  the  consequences  and with  that,  that  is  why  we  grow  old  and  die. 

 During  the  centuries  of  growing  down  to  imperfection  as  human  beings  it  talks  about  how  a  war  broke  out  in  heaven  Michael the Arch Angel  battled  with  Satan  the  Devil  the  father  of  all  lies.  When  Jesus  threw  him  out  of  heaven  obviously  we  all  know  it  was  in  the  year  1914  because,  that  is  when  the  first  World  War  broke  out  Satan  the  Devil  was  hurtled  down  to the  earth  taking  a  third  of  the  Angels  with  him. 

*DISCLAMER*  I am  not  a  Physician  nor am I  certified  to  treat, diagnose, or cure. I am a College Research student and, I do not mind sharing  information for illness  that I have  discovered  for people who are  not able to afford  services  however,  are  able to care  for  themselves  with  home  remedies.  Also I am not willing to get sued for  trying to help people I  mean  why should  I rescue  anybody  when  nobody  is  willing  or  wanting  to  rescue  me?

¬†In¬† the¬† Bible¬†¬†book¬† of Galatians chapter 5: 19-21–¬† {¬† Now¬† the¬† works¬† of¬† the¬† flesh¬†¬†are¬† plainly¬† seen,¬† and¬† they¬† are¬† sexual¬† immorality, uncleanness, brazen¬† conduct, idolatry, spiritism, hostility, strife, jealousy, fits of anger, dissensions, divisions, sects,¬† envy, drunkenness, wild parties,¬† and¬† things¬† like¬† these.¬† I¬† am¬† fore¬† warning¬† you¬† about¬† these¬† things¬† the¬† same¬† way¬† I¬† already¬† warned¬† you,¬† that¬† those¬† who¬† practice¬† such¬† things¬† will¬† not¬† inherit¬† God’s¬† kingdom.¬†¬†¬†

The¬† Bible¬† is¬† a¬† guide,¬† a¬† guide¬† to¬† how¬† to¬† live¬† your¬† life¬† healthy¬† and¬† well.¬† If¬† you¬† follow¬† what¬† bible¬† say’s¬† about¬† staying¬† away¬† from the¬† unclean¬† things¬† like¬† practicing¬† Fornication,¬† or¬† prostituting, or cheating¬† on¬† your¬† husband¬† or¬† wife,¬† or¬† being a¬† homosexual¬†¬† people¬† who¬† are¬† HIV¬† and¬† AIDS¬† positive¬† would not¬† be¬† in¬† that¬† terrible¬† situation.¬† Nobody¬† told¬† you to¬† have¬† sex¬† like¬† animals¬† with any¬† and¬† everything¬† or¬† just¬† because, you¬† are rich and¬† you¬† can¬† have¬† any¬† woman or¬† man¬† you¬† want.¬† Maybe¬† you¬† was¬† Raped¬† that¬† is¬† understandable, and an excuse.

These  Herbs  that  I  will be  sharing  with  the  public  who  has  symptoms or  just  want  to  be  on  the  safe  side. I  will  be  sharing  what  the  herb  benefits  and  what  it  should  be  used  for.

Contracting  HIV   first  of  all  it  goes  straight  to the  Immune  system.  The  immune  system  is  the  mother  ship  your  defense  system  that  keeps  you  moving.  Once  the  Virus attacks  your  insides  you  will  know  because,  you  will  be  tired  (  all the  time. )  Not  only  that  you  will  be  weak so  first  you  would  need  to  build  up  your  cells  and  Immune  system.

  1. Zinc-  will  help. Liquid Zinc.

2. Vitamin C  plant an orange  tree  fresh  orange  juice  has Vitamin C

I  have  always  thought  of any  Virus  to  be  a  parasite,  parasites  that  have  an  envelope around  them  which  makes  them  incurable so  since  the  virus  can not be  killed  the  parasite  needs  to  be  killed.  That  is when  you  turn  to a  potent parasite  cleanse.

 1.  Black  Walnut- a  table  spoon boil clean water and sip on it.

2. WormWood-  a table spoon    boil clean water and sip on it.

3. Red  Clove-  is  good  for  STDs. boil  some  clean   water   and  use  Red  Clove  for  tea.  


Amazing Bedtime Stories


amazing bedtime stories¬† “ The¬† Curse¬† Of¬† Once¬† Land”


       Once  upon  a  time  in  a  far  away  Land;  in  a  place  where  different  kinds of  people  live  and, roam.  The  City  of  Once  Land  is  very  beautiful  the  trees  stand  seven  hundred  feet  tall  into  the  sky  and,  a  River  runs through  it.  On  the  other  side  a  Lake  with  pink  and  yellow  stones  shine  from  the  bottom  to  help  you  find  your  way  home  in  case  you  get  lost  in  the  Woods.  So  many  words  and,  tales  have  been  told  in  this  City  and,  about  this  city.

But,  there  is  a  story  that has  really  happen  long  ago  when  our  grandparents  were  children.  Our  years  go  by the  century  before  I  move  on  with  this  story  my  name  is  Ena  and  I  am  a little  over  a  thousand  years  old.  In  the  cities  we  all  have  no  choice  but,  to  get  along  because,  not  all  of us  are  small  we  are  also  giants.

The¬† Lords¬† of¬† the¬† land¬† say’s¬† that¬† there¬† are¬† much¬† better¬† things¬† to¬† do¬† than¬† fight¬† and,¬† if¬† anybody¬† does¬† they¬† will¬† be¬† punished.¬† There¬† are¬† Villages¬† and,¬† Forest and, visible¬† Cloud¬† and,¬† the¬† Woods.¬† Some¬† are¬† welcoming¬†¬† and¬† some¬† are¬† not¬† welcoming¬† most¬† of¬† the¬† time¬† the¬† younger¬† had¬† to¬† go¬† on¬† great¬† journey’s¬† way¬† to¬† the¬† other¬† side¬† of¬† the¬† city.¬† But,¬† when¬† it¬† came¬† to¬† the¬† Forrest¬† there¬† are¬† many¬† things¬† and,¬† creatures¬† surrounding¬† you,¬† the¬† whole¬† way¬† you¬† are¬† never¬† alone.

Sometimes  villagers  pass  through  and,  sometimes  no  one  makes  it  through  words  were  going  around  which  that  is  one  of  the  Legend  story   that  was  told  about  three  young  boys  that  had  went  into  the  Forrest  together  on  a  Journey  to  find  a  plant  and  bring  it  back to  Once  Land  to  save  the  species  of  there  kind.  The  Human  Race  In  Our  World.

As  I  tell  you  this  story  maybe  you  will  fell  different  upon  the  way  you  feel  about  how  our  city  is,  or  maybe  you  would  have  courage  as  these  young  boys did.  Some  people  felt  that  they  were  crazy  for  going  no  matter  how  important  the  great  journey  was.  Some  people  felt  angry  and  hated  them  because,  they  did  not  understand  the  importance  of  finding  the  plant  was.

Striving  for  the  better  some  families  did  not  have  the  best  of  life  so  the  chosen  ones  that  the  Moon  Goddess new  that  could  make  it  chose  them.  But,  still  everybody  had  to  work  hard  in  everything.  The  rich  had  a  say  in  everything  they  were  mean  everyday.  So  this  story  goes  on  when  the  three  young  men  were  chosen  and,  had  to  go  on  a  journey  to  save  Once  Land  City.

“That goodness¬† our¬† land¬† has¬† a¬† river¬† flowing¬† with¬† water¬† and,¬† Berry¬† Bushes” said, Picsi.¬†

The¬† other¬† two¬† walks¬† quietly¬† wondering..¬† ”¬† I¬† pray¬† to¬† our¬† Moon¬† Goddess¬† that¬† we¬† make¬† it safely¬† there¬† and¬† back¬† to¬† our¬† village¬† home”¬† said,¬† Wing¬† ” Ove,¬† hand¬† me¬† some¬† fluid”.¬† How¬†¬†¬† many¬† more¬† days¬† until¬† we¬† reach¬† the¬† Castle?¬† About¬† five¬† maybe¬† even¬† three.¬† The¬† Elf’s¬† walked¬† along¬† in¬† the¬† dark¬† gloomy¬† Rain¬† Forrest¬† of¬† the¬† deep.¬† Dripping¬† with¬† humiditation¬† of¬† the¬† warm¬† fog¬† following¬† the¬† trail¬† that¬† slowly¬† disappeared¬† into¬† the¬† darkness.¬† Becoming¬† visible¬† the¬† IMP’s¬†¬†and¬† creepy¬† creations¬† of¬† the¬† God’s¬† of¬† the¬† Moon.

Yet,¬† the¬† River¬† was¬† not¬† shinning¬† the¬†¬† stones¬† of¬† love¬† appeared¬† as¬† help¬† to¬† find¬† there¬† way¬† and,¬† to¬† fight¬† off¬† the¬† evil¬† spirits¬† of¬† the¬† darkness.¬† ”¬† wait¬† a¬† minute¬† do¬† you¬† guys¬† here¬† that”¬† say’s¬† Wing¬†” Do¬† you¬† feel¬† that?¬† A¬† rumble¬† of¬† the¬† ground¬† and¬† as¬† it¬† got¬† harder¬† and,¬† shakier¬† it¬† was¬† getting¬† closer.¬† The¬† three¬† elf’s¬† open¬† there¬† wings¬† and flew¬† into¬† an¬† Ork-Rb¬† tree¬† to¬† hide.¬† Well,¬† this¬† particular¬† tree¬† was¬† the tallest¬† trees¬† so¬† by¬† the¬† time¬† the¬† landed.¬† “Wwwoooeee! aid, Picsi”¬† ‘Wooee! said¬† Wing”¬† ”¬† Aaahhhhh!¬† said, Ove”.¬† Down,¬† down,¬† down¬† way¬† under¬† the¬† ground¬† onto¬† the¬† dampness¬† into¬† the¬† habitat¬† of¬† Fireflies.¬† ” Careful¬† said¬† Wing¬† there’s¬† deeper¬† holes¬† than¬† this”.¬† How¬† do¬† you¬† know?¬† asked¬† Pcisi.¬† ”¬† Have you¬† not¬† heard¬† the¬† stories¬† of¬† the¬† great¬† warriors¬† of¬† Land. And¬† only¬† one¬† return¬† to¬† Land¬† of Once¬† Land¬† we¬† can¬† bring¬† back¬† twice¬† as¬† much¬† for¬† centuries¬† ahead there¬† then¬† will¬† be¬† no¬† worries.¬†” I¬† am¬† glad¬† that¬† we¬† were¬† chosen¬† because,¬† I¬† have¬† this¬† great¬† feeling¬† that we¬† will¬† make¬† it”¬† said. Picsi.¬† Whatever¬† it¬† is¬† it¬† is¬† getting¬† closer¬† I¬† think¬† we¬† were¬† better¬† off¬† standing¬† in¬† the¬† Firefly¬† tree.


“But,¬† then¬† we¬† would¬† not get¬† anywhere,¬† I¬† see it!¬† danger¬† ahead!¬† said, Ove”.¬†¬† Brace¬† yourselves¬† get¬† ready¬† to¬† draw¬† your¬† weapon.¬† As¬† Wing, Picsi¬† and, Ove¬† ran¬† breathing¬† hopefully¬† not¬† there¬† last breath.¬† Wing¬† flew¬† into¬† the¬† sky¬† hurtling¬† down¬† towards¬† the¬† earth¬† he¬† draws¬† his¬† sword¬† and,¬† shouted¬† a¬† mighty¬† shout¬† saying, ” with¬† the¬† power¬† of¬† the¬† Moon¬† Goddess!”¬† And,¬† a¬† bright¬† light¬† appeared¬† slaughtering¬† down¬† fifty-six¬† IMP’s¬† with¬† his¬† first¬† blow.¬† He¬† ducked¬† and,¬† moved¬† quickly¬† and¬† swiftly.¬† Flipping¬† and,¬† jumping.¬†Then¬† Ove¬† say’s ”¬† we¬† must¬† be¬† almost¬† there¬† I¬† can not¬† even¬† see¬† the¬† Great¬† Wall”.¬† As¬† Ove¬† drew¬† his¬† second¬† sword¬† sixty-four¬† bright¬†shinning¬† Silver ¬†stars¬† appeared¬† the¬† stars¬† shine¬† so¬† bright¬† it¬† blinded¬† the¬† IMP’s¬† and,¬† damaged¬† them¬† enough¬† to¬† where¬† they¬† would¬† lose¬† the battle.¬†

He¬† swung¬† his¬† sword¬† and,¬† shouted¬† ”¬† Silver¬† Star!”¬† as¬† his¬† voice¬† echoed¬† he¬† jump¬† and¬† spreaded ¬† his¬† wings¬† and,¬† poisonous¬† dust¬† fell¬† upon¬† the¬† enemy¬† burning¬† them as¬† they¬† said ”¬† You¬† will¬† nnoootttt¬† make¬† iittt”.¬† But,¬† they¬† did¬† with¬† the¬† power¬† of¬† the¬† Moon¬† Goddess.¬† Picsi¬† had¬† his¬† sword¬† and,¬† fought¬† his¬† way¬† through¬† while¬† Wing¬† and, Ove¬† use¬† there¬† powers¬† to¬† weaken¬† the¬† IMP’s.¬† After¬† a¬† while¬† so¬† much¬† as¬† a¬† day¬†¬†and a¬† half¬† the¬† brave¬† warriors¬† made¬† it¬† through¬† still¬† with¬† energy,¬† strength,¬† determination.¬† So¬† Eger¬† to make¬† it¬† to¬† the¬† GoldenEmma¬† Castle.¬† Finding¬† there¬† way¬† through¬† the wall¬†¬† entering¬† the “Yumhen¬† Galaxy¬† Path”¬†¬† while¬† walking the¬† warriors¬† wonder¬† what¬† was¬† going¬† on¬† in Once¬† Land City. Thinking¬† of¬† there¬† beautiful¬† Cynte¬† the¬† Moon¬† Goddess¬† and,¬† there¬† people¬† in¬† the mean¬† time¬† while¬† the sky¬† was¬† purple¬† and,¬† white¬† the¬† Goddess¬† said ”¬† My¬† people¬† gather and,¬† say’s¬† with¬† her¬† Godly¬† voice. ”¬† Am¬† I¬† the¬† only¬† person¬† in¬† this¬† world¬† that¬† feels¬† so¬† unexplainable?¬† Only sometimes¬† I¬† look¬† into¬† the¬† eyes¬† and, I¬† see¬† a¬† never¬† ending¬† path.¬†

The¬† warriors¬† will¬† save¬† Once¬† Land¬† and,¬† our¬† Rain¬† Forrest.¬† The¬† most¬† beautiful¬† thing¬† the most beautiful¬† sight¬† you¬† can¬† not¬† see¬† there¬† is¬† a¬† beautiful white¬† and,¬† purple¬† sky¬† the¬† wind¬† blowing¬† within¬† and,¬† between¬† the¬† trees.¬† Watching¬† the¬† most¬† amazing¬† creature,¬† plant¬† slowly¬† growing¬† that¬† we¬† need¬† so¬† much¬† to¬† breathe¬† nice¬† beautiful¬† clean¬† air. Am¬† I¬† the¬† Only?¬† oh! only¬† am I¬† the only¬† one¬† that¬† dwells¬† upon¬† the¬† most¬† important¬† description¬† of¬† human¬† life?¬† what¬† would¬† this¬† world¬† be¬† if¬† there¬† were¬† not¬† any¬† trees?¬† colors¬† of¬† greenery¬†¬† and, brown.¬†¬† The¬† green¬† means¬† the¬† healthiest¬† life¬† and,¬† the¬† brown¬† mean¬† not¬† that¬† much¬† health¬† trying¬† to¬† get¬† the¬† healthy¬† living¬† life.¬† Green¬† am I?¬† Brown¬† am I?”¬† As¬† the¬† people¬† of¬† Once¬† Land¬† city¬† cried¬† out¬† in¬† a¬† high¬† pitched¬† voice¬† saying ” may¬† Once¬† Land¬† exists¬† forever¬† and¬† ever!”.¬†

And¬† the Moon¬† Goddess¬† said, ” Once¬† Land¬† shall¬† remain¬† for¬† infinity”.¬† The¬† sun¬† was¬† shinning¬† and¬† so¬† was¬† the¬† Moon¬† the¬† wind¬† gave¬† a¬† swift¬† breeze¬† and,¬† the¬† spirit¬† of¬† the¬† Goddess¬† was¬† visible¬† in¬† the¬† sky¬† twirling¬† round¬† and,¬† round¬† and¬† the¬† fear¬† of Once¬† Land¬† withered away.¬† “Once Land¬† is¬† frightened¬† you¬† see¬† the¬† color in¬† the sky?¬† we¬† must¬† not¬† fail¬† look¬† purple¬† and¬† gray¬† said, Picsi”¬† On¬† the¬† seventh¬† day¬† three¬† day’s¬† after¬† the¬† battle¬† Picsi, Ove¬† and¬† Wing¬† said ”¬† straight¬† ahead!”¬† it¬† was¬† an¬† enormous¬†¬†¬† field¬†¬† and¬† in that field¬† in¬† the¬† middle¬† was¬† a¬† vague¬† sight the¬† GoldenEmma¬† Castle.¬† As¬† it¬† shown¬† the¬† dem¬† and¬† dusty¬† rainbow¬† color¬† there¬† stood¬† a¬† creature¬† it¬† was¬† a¬† blue¬† horse¬† with¬† big¬† wings and,¬† a¬† horn¬† showing¬† from¬† the¬† middle¬† of¬† it’s¬† head.¬† It¬† appeared¬† to¬† be¬† a unicorn, unicorns everywhere.¬† Purple,¬† Rose pink,¬† butter yellow.¬†

A¬† unicorn came¬† forward¬† and¬† said ” welcome,¬† I am¬† Mokito¬† you¬† three¬† are¬† here¬† on¬† a¬† very¬† important journey. ” Before¬† you¬† say¬† anything¬† else¬† is¬† there¬† anyone¬† else¬† we¬† must fight?¬† said, Wing”¬† I am¬† happy to¬† say¬† that¬† you¬† have¬† fought¬† and,¬† won¬† the¬† battle¬† for¬† Once¬† Land¬† City said, Mokito.¬† “But,¬† why¬† do¬† we¬† have¬† to¬† go¬† through¬† this¬† every ten¬† centuries?”¬† ask, Ove.¬†

To¬† keep¬† Land¬† City¬† strong¬† and,¬† alive¬† said Mokito. Oh,¬† I¬† kind¬†¬† of¬† understand¬† and,¬† I¬† do¬† understand about the¬† urgency¬† of¬† this¬† journey.¬†” I¬† am¬† glad¬† that¬† you¬† do it¬† is my¬† pleasure¬† to see¬† that¬† all¬† three ¬†of¬† you¬† have¬† made it,¬† to¬† avoid¬† battle¬† on¬† your¬† way¬† back¬† home¬† we¬† have¬† decided¬† to¬† fly¬† you¬† back¬† with shields, said¬† Mokito¬†” That’s¬† a¬† good¬† idea¬† so¬† when shall¬† we¬† be on¬† our¬† way?¬† asked¬† Picsi.¬† You¬† young ones¬† need¬† rest¬† first¬† then¬† we¬† will¬† journey¬† back¬† in a¬† couple¬† days¬† maybe¬† two,¬† maybe¬† three¬† we¬† do¬† not¬† have¬† an exact¬† day¬† you¬† may¬† have¬† enough¬† energy¬† tomorrow.¬†

Yes,  said Mokito  food  will  be  served  get  clean  up  and,  come  to  thee  room.  Right  down  the  hall  make  a  left  then  a  quick  right. As  the  boys  clean  themselves  blood  came  running  from  there  clothes  and,  a  little  from  there  hair.

Value’s Of Life


Hello, and

welcome to The Silver Show!, I am your lovely host Empress SilverAnn.

I have  been  doing  research  for around 8 years and, I have  found  some very

good¬† information¬† that¬† Doctor’s¬† will¬† not¬† tell you¬† or¬† a¬† loved¬† one¬† that¬† is¬† in¬† there

death¬† bed.¬† This¬† information¬† that¬† I¬† am¬† going¬† to¬† share¬† with you¬† will¬† hopefully¬† save¬† lives¬† and¬† as¬† the¬† Company¬† APPLE¬† say’s¬† to¬† save¬† the¬† next¬† Generation¬† from a¬† VIRUS¬† that¬† is¬† killing¬† our¬† teens¬† and¬† children¬† around the¬† world.

SO, stay¬† tune¬† by¬† this Summer I¬† will be¬† sharing ” Values¬† of¬† Life”¬† with¬† the¬† entire¬† world¬† so¬† come¬† one! come¬† all!¬† no¬† matter¬† your¬† nationality¬† or¬† abilities.¬† I¬† had not¬† thought¬† about¬† putting¬† this¬† information¬† to the¬† public¬† however,¬† I¬† thought¬† if¬† God¬† does¬† not¬† come¬† while¬† I¬† am alive¬† I¬† must¬† do¬† my¬† part¬† to¬† help¬† save¬† all¬† Human¬† beings¬† the¬† best¬† way¬† that I¬† can.¬† Yes,¬† us¬† humans¬† die¬† that¬† is something¬† that¬† we¬† can¬† not¬† change¬† however,¬† we¬† can¬† change¬† how¬† long¬† we¬† live¬† by¬† helping¬† each¬† other.

Some people¬† in¬† this¬† world¬† ¬†are¬† terrible¬† and¬† will make¬† fun¬† because,¬† they¬† do¬† not¬† believe¬† in ¬†hope nor¬† survival.¬† I¬† will¬† teach¬† you¬† how¬† not¬† only¬† to¬† survive¬† I¬† will¬† teach¬† you¬† how¬† to be¬† HIV¬† and¬† STD¬† free.¬† I¬† heard¬† about¬† groups with¬† needles¬† that¬† poke¬† people¬† infect¬† them¬† with¬† AIDS¬† and¬† nothing¬† never¬† done¬† about¬† it.¬† When I¬† do¬† post¬† please¬† do¬† not¬† say¬† ”¬† tell us¬† something that¬† we¬† do not¬† know” because, if¬† you¬† know¬† you¬† would¬† not¬† be curious.¬† so¬† spare¬† me¬† with¬† any¬† your¬† ignorance.

To  the  Children  I  received  a  letter  from  do  not  worry  WE  will  help.

Every Human Beings Reality


Leaving this world¬† is something hard to except…

Leaving this world is a reality that every man upon this earth can not escape…

( this post is something that I feel deep in my heart)…¬†¬† When it is my time¬† to¬† leave¬† this¬† cruel world¬† the only thing I fear is my youngest daughter, actually¬† all my children.¬† with¬† so¬† many¬† things¬† happening¬† in¬† this¬† world¬† it¬† is¬† hard¬† to¬† trust¬† that¬† any¬† official¬† will¬† love,¬† care¬† and¬† have¬† compassion¬† for¬† a¬†¬† child.¬† So¬† why¬† have¬† a¬† baby¬† in¬† a¬† world¬† like¬† this?¬† Even¬† wealthy¬† people¬† have¬† children¬† and,¬† yet¬† fail to¬† realize¬† the¬† reality¬† of¬† this¬† injured¬† world.¬† If¬† you¬† are¬† not¬† there¬† for¬† your¬† children¬† how¬† are¬† they¬† being¬† treated?¬† who¬† is¬† doing¬† there¬† hair?¬† feeding¬† them?¬† loving¬† them?¬† giving¬† them¬† the¬† bond¬† they¬† need¬† without¬† molesting¬† them.¬† I¬† am so¬† scared¬† and¬† worried.¬† The¬† reason¬† why I¬† chose¬† to¬† talk¬† about¬† this¬† is¬† because, lately¬† I¬† have¬† not¬† been¬† feeling¬† well¬† at¬† all.

I¬† have¬† not¬† been¬† bitten¬† my¬† any¬† insect,¬† however,¬† I¬† have¬† been¬† on¬† medications¬† and¬† I¬† hope¬† that¬† it¬† is not¬† to¬† late¬† because,¬† I¬† stop¬† taking¬† everything. I¬† wake¬† up¬† in¬† the¬† middle¬† of¬† the¬† night¬† with¬† a¬† terrible¬† stomach ache,¬† and¬† feeling¬† dizzy a¬† little¬† dizzy.¬† I¬† went¬† to¬† the¬† Doctor¬† ER and¬† they¬† did¬† every¬† test¬† from¬† Gallbladder,¬† Liver, Kidney’s,¬† Intestines¬† and,¬† they¬† can not¬† find¬† anything¬† wrong¬† with me.¬† They¬† said¬† it might¬† be¬† a¬† Virus¬† and¬† it¬† has¬† to¬† run¬† it’s¬† course.¬† Then¬† I¬† thought¬† well¬† the¬† other¬† ER¬† said that¬† ”¬† there¬† is¬† an¬† AIRBORNE¬† virus¬† that¬† attacks¬† the¬† Respatory¬† system¬† it¬† sickens only¬† Infants,¬† elderly, and¬† people¬† with a¬† weak¬† immune¬† system..¬† When¬† I¬† started¬† to¬† feel¬† this¬† virus¬† I¬† thought¬† to¬† myself ”¬† what¬† did¬† I¬† do¬† to¬† anybody¬† in order¬† to¬† deserve¬† something like this?”¬† I¬† thought¬† about¬† all¬† the¬† things¬† people¬† did¬† to¬† me¬† when¬† I¬† never¬† did¬† nothing¬† to¬† nobody.¬† I¬† was¬† imprisoned¬† because,¬† I¬† told¬† about¬† being¬† Raped,¬† I¬† was¬† almost¬† beat¬† to¬† death¬† by¬† my half¬† sisters,¬† I¬† was¬† kept¬† in¬† a¬† shack¬† for 8 in a half¬† years¬† by¬† a¬† terrible¬† boyfriend¬† who¬† used¬† me¬† for¬† anal¬† sex¬† I¬† asked¬† God ” Why?¬† why¬† is¬† this¬† happening¬† to me?¬† I¬† do¬† not¬† want¬† to die,¬† not¬† yet¬† not¬† so¬† soon¬† I¬† am¬† only¬† 36¬† years¬† old.¬† I¬† have¬† never¬† wrong¬† anyone¬† in¬† my¬† life¬† if¬† I¬† did¬† I¬† knew¬† no¬† better¬† so¬† I¬† should¬† not¬† be¬† held¬† accountable.

At  first  I  always  thought  that  movies  was  real  like the Hero  always  wins.  I  was  so  wrong  and  I  hate  that  I  was  always  the Hero  for  people  who  hated  me all the  while. I  wish  I  was  never  there  Hero  I  wish  that  I  would  have  stayed  home  and  when  I  think  about  it  God  tried  to  warn  me  by  letting  me  have  my  first  baby  at  14  years  old  I  did  not  know.  I  guess  maybe  in my next  life  time  I  will  be  smarter  because,  in  this  life  I  was  so  stupid  trying  to  be  a  friend  to  people  who  wanted to  kill me  planning  to  kill me  the  entire  time  and  my  own half  sister  in  on it.

(¬† my¬† stomach¬† hurts¬† so¬† bad¬† right¬† NOW!) :(……..

It¬† is¬† okay¬† though¬† I¬† was¬† baptized¬† and¬† my¬† Heavenly¬† Father¬† has¬† forgiven¬† my¬† sins¬† as¬† a¬† human¬† off¬† spring¬† of Adam¬† and¬† Eve.¬† So¬† with¬† that¬† said¬† I¬† forgive¬† all¬† of¬† you¬† who¬† tried¬† to¬† kill me.¬†¬† However,¬† if¬† I¬† do¬† get¬† better¬† and¬† make¬† it¬† through¬† this¬† do¬† not¬† ever¬† in¬† your¬† thoughts¬† ask¬† me¬† to¬† be¬† there for¬† you¬† ever.¬† You¬† are¬† smart¬† enough¬† to¬† set me¬† up and¬† hurt¬† me¬† nearly¬† kill me and put¬† my¬† babies¬† through¬† this¬† which is¬† indeed¬† highly¬† evil.¬† I¬† do¬† not¬† ever¬† want¬† to¬† see¬† your¬† face¬† the¬† only¬† thing¬† you¬† will ever¬† have¬† of¬† me¬† is¬† a¬† memory¬† of¬† a¬† sweet¬† sincere¬† person¬† you¬† was¬† always¬† able¬† to¬† count on¬† I’ll¬† never¬† ever¬† be¬† there¬† for¬† you.¬† Ask¬† God¬† he will help¬† you¬† I¬† have¬† already¬† done¬† my¬† part¬† confessing¬† my¬† sins¬† to¬† God¬† in Baptism¬† Now¬† it¬† is¬† yours.


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