I  never  wanted  to  touch on  this  subject  however,  as  a  writer  of  various  topics  I  thought  maybe,  I  could  make  a  difference.  13

The¬† first¬† thought¬† in¬† my¬† mind¬† was¬† that¬† whites hate¬† blacks¬† because,¬† we¬† get¬† rich¬† quick¬† and,¬† majority¬† marry¬† black¬† men¬† or¬† women.¬† I¬† can¬† never¬† understand¬† WHY?¬† white¬† people¬† want¬† Black¬† people¬† extinct.¬† Except¬† for¬† Hitler,¬† White¬† people¬† are¬† no¬† different.¬† Hitler¬† hated¬† Jews¬† however,¬† it¬† was¬† Jews¬† that¬† killed¬† Jesus¬† Christ God’s only¬† begotten¬† son.¬† Black¬† people¬† were¬† Slaves14.¬† Treated¬† as¬† Hitler¬†¬† treated¬† Jews¬† Only Slaves¬† Built¬† most¬† of¬† America,¬† Lincoln¬† saved¬† Black¬† people¬† from¬† slavery.¬† White¬† people¬† are¬† not¬† God’s¬† they¬† are¬† people¬† just¬† like Hispanic,¬† Asian, Korean, Mexican. 1112¬†Instead,¬† Whites¬† would¬† find¬† a¬† highly¬† dangerous¬† person¬† to¬† hang¬† with¬†¬†like¬† that¬†¬†monster¬† and,¬† when they¬† get¬† caught¬† it¬† is¬† okay.¬† No,¬† charges¬† Gotta¬† put¬† food¬† on¬† the¬† table.¬† I¬† can¬† not¬† help¬† but,¬† to¬† think¬† that.¬† Okay¬† well,¬† at¬† first¬† I¬† was¬† thinking¬† with¬† the¬† Police¬† killing¬† Black¬† people¬† like¬† they¬† are¬† from¬† the¬† KKK¬† or¬† something¬† then¬† it¬† just¬† kept¬† happening¬† all those¬† young¬† kids¬† dead¬† because,¬† of¬† there¬† color. RACISUM IS REAL AS¬† AIDS.¬† You¬† do¬† not¬† see¬† Blacks Asians Mexicans or others nationalities¬† traveling¬† across the¬† Country¬† just¬† to¬† kill¬† another person of color. 15

How  can  anybody  ignore  Racistjokes.com.

The site still exists it was changed.


        WHY  WHY  WHY  WHY  WHY  WHY???






Sexually Transmitted Diseases {std’s}


How¬† long¬† do¬† we¬† have¬† to¬† live¬† in¬† the¬† years¬† of¬† a¬† normal¬† human¬† life?¬† There¬† are¬† few¬† only¬† a¬† hand¬† full¬† of¬† people¬† who¬† are¬† blessed¬† to¬† see¬† the¬† age¬† of¬† 1oo¬† years¬† of¬† age¬† and¬† on.¬† Many¬† individuals¬† ask,¬† well¬† how¬†¬† do¬† they¬† live¬† so¬† long?¬† Well,¬† take¬† having¬† high¬† standards¬† and¬† self¬† respect,¬† your¬† body¬† is¬† your¬† temple.¬† When¬† I¬† see¬† an¬† older¬† person¬† I¬† always¬† say ”¬† I¬† hope¬† to¬† see¬† that age”¬† no matter the¬† real¬† struggle¬† in¬† life,¬† no¬† mater all¬† the heart¬† break¬† and, situations¬† that¬† I¬† go¬† through,¬† I¬† really¬† hope¬† to¬† see¬† the¬† age¬† of¬† eighty¬† years¬† old. I ask myself, how can I live to see that¬† age without getting ill, or hurt. Number one. No smoking, number two. no extreme sports and, above all NO practicing FORNICATION. Meaning sex without being married I have had a lot of sex and most of the time I did not want too. I did not understand the danger’s of fornication until I myself almost became ill. For instance, being in a relationship and, your partner not only want’s to have sex with you but, also prostitute’s. When you find something like that out¬† and, you feel that there is no way out there actually is. The only time you have no way out is if you catch a STD and die then in your coffin you can never get out. Think about your family members and, your children yes, of course they love you however, when they realize that you’d rather die from having sex then spending time with them eventually they will hate you for leaving them. Many people fear AIDS however, AIDS is not as bad as a Superbug. AIDS yes can kill as a matter fact you can live up to 18-25 years if you take good care of yourself being infected with AIDS. On the other hand, the Superbug Gonorrhea kills in 2 days after infection. Only MEN can pass this on from an infected female, in female it is obvious however, MEN who do contract this Superbug STD instead of ejaculation of sperm the man sperm is MAGGOTS that is how the female contract the Superbug. Not only by fornication can you contract this terrible STD you can get it by kissing, hugging, drinking after the infected person even washing in the same washer and, dryer. * their is know need to panic if you are not a whore* the only people who need to be worried about contracting this STD are men and, women who have sex with anything with a hole. Men who cheat and, have sex with any woman they want even women who have sex with any man they want. Like I said * if you are not¬† a hooker or, a male whore* you have nothing to worry about. However, I feel that people need to know about this outbreak that is happening all over the world. There are plenty of other things that you can do with your time then think that you are the shit stealing another man’s woman, or another woman’s man.¬†¬†¬†I am pretty sure if you are a bodycon girl you can figure out something to do, that do not involve opening your legs. Because, men will be men they are only after one thing and, that is with a woman bending over, or giving her a free pap. Even if you do not have family it does not mean that you have the right to spread viruses and, diseases in this world you have no right what so ever, that goes for men too. Gay and, straight.¬† You do not do that go around having sex with all types of people even if a friend ask you to do not be so immature and stupid stay off drugs because, it is a very evil world out there and, people do not care about you. You must care for yourself thinkkkk…… with your mind make situations better. Everything get’s better starting with YOU! not him or her forget all that. Who keeps you warm at night? who buy your clothes and, shoes and, get your hair done? Remember it is not about the money you can always get that it is the Principle of staying healthy so you will not get QUARANTINE at a hospital because, you have a new strain that is a hazard to the society.





The World And Life In 2017

                             Today  is March  18, 2017  and  I  realized, sometimes  in  life  it  is  like  a  box  of  chocolates  you  never  know  what  you  are  going to get  unless  you  pick  the  chocolate  that  you  like.  And,  even  if  you  do get  your  favorite  chocolate  and  that  is  what  life  stands  for  is  that  a  good thing  or  a  bad  thing?

I¬† love¬† Ghirardelli…

”¬† Oh¬† what¬† a¬† man ”

I¬† was¬† wondering¬† what¬† is¬† this¬† world¬† coming¬† too?¬† I¬† look¬† up¬† towards¬† the¬† sky¬† with¬† my¬† eyes¬† closed,¬† and¬† I¬† ask¬† God¬† does¬† he¬† not here¬† the¬† cry¬† of¬† all¬† the¬† innocent souls, lives¬† that¬† are¬† being¬† taken¬† by¬† mankind?¬† The¬† men who are blind¬† to¬†¬†understand¬† that¬† this¬†¬† is¬† not¬† a¬† Holy¬† War¬† this¬† is¬† God’s¬† War¬† his¬† judgment¬†¬† to¬† rid¬† the¬† wicked¬† and¬† unrighteous.¬† I¬† have¬† lost¬† my¬† lovely¬† sister,¬† my¬† other¬† relatives¬†¬† and,¬† out¬† of so many¬† situations¬† that¬† I¬† have¬† been¬† through¬† I¬† am¬† still¬† here¬† on¬† earth¬† blessed¬† to¬† see¬† all the¬† wonderful¬† animals¬† and¬† Birds.¬† I¬† am¬† blessed¬† to¬† see¬† God’s¬† amazing¬† creations.¬† I¬† even¬† look¬† at¬† the¬† stars¬† at¬† night¬† and¬† in¬† my¬† mind¬† I¬† talk¬† with¬† God.

I¬† told¬† God¬† that¬† I¬† finally¬† understand…

I¬† understand¬† why¬† I¬† am¬† alone¬† and¬† I¬† have know¬† companion¬† like¬† everybody¬† else.¬† sadness¬† is not¬†¬† my¬† emotion¬† though.¬† I am¬† hurt¬† something like¬† heart¬† broken¬† or¬† broken¬† spirit.¬† I¬† remember¬† when¬† I¬† was¬† younger¬† I¬† always¬† was¬† trying¬† to¬† be¬† someone’s¬† hero.¬† That¬† is¬† why¬† my¬† half¬† sister¬† is¬† in¬† a¬† place¬† where¬† she¬† does¬† not¬† want¬† to¬† be¬† because,¬† she was¬† trying¬† to¬† be¬† a¬† hero¬† for¬† the¬† weak.¬† She¬† is¬† defiantly¬† brave¬† like¬† her¬† father.¬† However,¬† in¬† the¬† times¬† this world¬† is¬† in¬† it is¬† not¬† wise¬† to¬† be¬† or speak foolish. {¬† I¬† just¬† seen a¬† humming¬† bird¬† at¬† my¬† window}

Someday,  soon  all  the  killing-suffering- death-sickness  will  be  a  thing  of  the  past.