The ideal man I want to meet and marry he has to be sweet and thoughtful kind hearted affectionate to me compassionate honest trusting loving non mixed white tall blonde or sandy blonde hair pretty light brown eyes takes care of his teeth trust in his self do not allow others to get between or ruin his relationship marriage minded serious a great job has more than me in his current life and future will never ignore me will never cheat on me I wish I had a love I think it is my destiny to never have a true love I cry a lot about that then again I try to face the fact that only God loves me that is why I got baptized then I prayed to god I asked him to bring me the one I love most and it was him actually I prayed for him to come and he did after that I realized he does not love me and he never will I was so hurttt to where I took a long hot shower one night and prayed I asked god why did he let me see how it feels when you truly are in love god said now you know how I feel I sent my only begotten son to die for all mankind and this is what my creation shows there love to me they killed my son take the sight away I do not want to love him anymore I said to god and I felt a glaze go over my heart it ached because I was so hurt I was so sad I ain’t never felt LIKE THAT and I do not want to ever feel like that ever again.