Can We Get Engaged? Today?

When  I  go  to  sleep  at  night  there  is  no  other  place  I’d  rather  be  than  with you.  I  love  being  your woman  with  the  resources  that  I  have.  You  are  the  most  sexy,  handsome,  amazing  man  that  I  have  ever  laid  my  eyes  on.  We  have  known  each  other  for  17  years,  and  I  just  do  not  think  that  it  is  fair  to  keep  me last,  and  treat  me  like  you  do  not  care.  Everyday  I  look  out  my  window  hoping  that you’d  come  by  just  to  say  hello. But,  each  an  every time  I  do  you  are  never  there  you   never  answer  my  calls  asif  I  am not  there,  you  make  me  feel  like  a new  born  baby  that  was  left on  a  Fire  station  porch  because,  you  neglect  me  so.  You  think  you  know,  you  think  you  know.  You  say  you  will  marry  me  but,  all  you  do  is  seduce  me  for  your  manly  needs,  which   hurts  me  so  deeply,  and  emotionally.  You  think  you  know,  you  think  you  know,  but  you  fail  to  understand  how  much  I  love  you,  and  the  more  you neglect  me  the  more  something  inside  me  is  growing  that  I  do  not  want  to  be there. I  text  you, and  call you;  you  don’t  care.  Why,  don’t  you  just  tell  me  the  truth?  about  how  you  feel,  let  me  go  if  you  do not  want  me anymore. And,  with   the  years  we  have  known  one  another  you  said, that  you  do  not  want no  babies  something  special  for  us. You  do  not  even  have to  be  there  just  like now. I  know  that  you  can  be  the  amazing man  for  me, you  are  perfect  for me  I  know you  care  but,  you  refuse  to  believe  that  I do  because  of  the past. Do  we  have to  bring  that up? Ever since  we  had  made  love  I  never  cheated  on  you  not  once  even  when  you  left  away  for 5  years.  No  other  man  put  there  hands  on  me  but,  you.  What  about  you?  have  you let  other  women  touch  you,  well  you let  me  know  that  on  December 08, 2015  when  that  girl  called  you  that’s  3  times  you  went  out  on  me, but  I  love  you  so  much  that  I am blind.  What  can  I expect  next  from  you?  I am  so afraid  that  one  day  I  will call you, and you never answer I  need to be assured  that  you  will always  be there. Don’t ever leave me, I love you your my best friend. No matter how many flaws  you  have because, I know that I am the right woman for you. And, I hope that you realize  that before it is to late. All I am telling  you is If you do not want to marry me like you said you would just  let  me  go,  and  tell me I will not  be  mad I  will be happy  of  whatever  decision  you  make  with  us. Just  please  tell me  the  truth,  it’s  either  you  love  me, and marry  me  or  let  me  be  free.

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