Can We Get Engaged? Today?

When ¬†I ¬†go ¬†to ¬†sleep ¬†at ¬†night ¬†there ¬†is ¬†no ¬†other ¬†place ¬†I’d ¬†rather ¬†be ¬†than ¬†with you. ¬†I ¬†love ¬†being ¬†your woman ¬†with ¬†the ¬†resources ¬†that ¬†I ¬†have. ¬†You ¬†are ¬†the ¬†most ¬†sexy, ¬†handsome, ¬†amazing ¬†man ¬†that ¬†I ¬†have ¬†ever ¬†laid ¬†my ¬†eyes ¬†on. ¬†We ¬†have ¬†known ¬†each ¬†other ¬†for ¬†17 ¬†years, ¬†and ¬†I ¬†just ¬†do ¬†not ¬†think ¬†that ¬†it ¬†is ¬†fair ¬†to ¬†keep ¬†me last, ¬†and ¬†treat ¬†me ¬†like ¬†you ¬†do ¬†not ¬†care. ¬†Everyday ¬†I ¬†look ¬†out ¬†my ¬†window ¬†hoping ¬†that you’d ¬†come ¬†by ¬†just ¬†to ¬†say ¬†hello. But, ¬†each ¬†an ¬†every time ¬†I ¬†do ¬†you ¬†are ¬†never ¬†there ¬†you ¬† never ¬†answer ¬†my ¬†calls ¬†asif ¬†I ¬†am not ¬†there, ¬†you ¬†make ¬†me ¬†feel ¬†like ¬†a new ¬†born ¬†baby ¬†that ¬†was ¬†left on ¬†a ¬†Fire ¬†station ¬†porch ¬†because, ¬†you ¬†neglect ¬†me ¬†so. ¬†You ¬†think ¬†you ¬†know, ¬†you ¬†think ¬†you ¬†know. ¬†You ¬†say ¬†you ¬†will ¬†marry ¬†me ¬†but, ¬†all ¬†you ¬†do ¬†is ¬†seduce ¬†me ¬†for ¬†your ¬†manly ¬†needs, ¬†which ¬† hurts ¬†me ¬†so ¬†deeply, ¬†and ¬†emotionally. ¬†You ¬†think ¬†you ¬†know, ¬†you ¬†think ¬†you ¬†know, ¬†but ¬†you ¬†fail ¬†to ¬†understand ¬†how ¬†much ¬†I ¬†love ¬†you, ¬†and ¬†the ¬†more ¬†you neglect ¬†me ¬†the ¬†more ¬†something ¬†inside ¬†me ¬†is ¬†growing ¬†that ¬†I ¬†do ¬†not ¬†want ¬†to ¬†be there. I ¬†text ¬†you, and ¬†call you; ¬†you ¬†don’t ¬†care. ¬†Why, ¬†don’t ¬†you ¬†just ¬†tell ¬†me ¬†the ¬†truth? ¬†about ¬†how ¬†you ¬†feel, ¬†let ¬†me ¬†go ¬†if ¬†you ¬†do not ¬†want ¬†me anymore. And, ¬†with ¬† the ¬†years ¬†we ¬†have ¬†known ¬†one ¬†another ¬†you ¬†said, that ¬†you ¬†do ¬†not ¬†want no ¬†babies ¬†something ¬†special ¬†for ¬†us. You ¬†do ¬†not ¬†even ¬†have to ¬†be ¬†there ¬†just ¬†like now. I ¬†know ¬†that ¬†you ¬†can ¬†be ¬†the ¬†amazing man ¬†for ¬†me, you ¬†are ¬†perfect ¬†for me ¬†I ¬†know you ¬†care ¬†but, ¬†you ¬†refuse ¬†to ¬†believe ¬†that ¬†I do ¬†because ¬†of ¬†the past. Do ¬†we ¬†have to ¬†bring ¬†that up? Ever since ¬†we ¬†had ¬†made ¬†love ¬†I ¬†never ¬†cheated ¬†on ¬†you ¬†not ¬†once ¬†even ¬†when ¬†you ¬†left ¬†away ¬†for 5 ¬†years. ¬†No ¬†other ¬†man ¬†put ¬†there ¬†hands ¬†on ¬†me ¬†but, ¬†you. ¬†What ¬†about ¬†you? ¬†have ¬†you let ¬†other ¬†women ¬†touch ¬†you, ¬†well ¬†you let ¬†me ¬†know ¬†that ¬†on ¬†December 08, 2015 ¬†when ¬†that ¬†girl ¬†called ¬†you ¬†that’s ¬†3 ¬†times ¬†you ¬†went ¬†out ¬†on ¬†me, but ¬†I ¬†love ¬†you ¬†so ¬†much ¬†that ¬†I am blind. ¬†What ¬†can ¬†I¬†expect¬† next ¬†from ¬†you?¬† I am ¬†so afraid ¬†that ¬†one ¬†day ¬†I ¬†will call you, and you never answer I ¬†need to be assured ¬†that ¬†you ¬†will always ¬†be there. Don’t ever leave me, I love you your my best friend. No matter how many flaws ¬†you ¬†have because, I know that I am the right woman for you. And, I hope that you realize ¬†that before it is to late. All I am telling ¬†you is If you do not want to marry me like you said you would just ¬†let ¬†me ¬†go, ¬†and ¬†tell me I will not ¬†be ¬†mad I ¬†will be happy ¬†of ¬†whatever ¬†decision ¬†you ¬†make ¬†with ¬†us. Just ¬†please ¬†tell me ¬†the ¬†truth, ¬†it’s ¬†either ¬†you ¬†love ¬†me, and marry ¬†me ¬†or ¬†let ¬†me ¬†be ¬†free.

How To Live A Peaceful Life



 When  I  was  younger  I  loved  being  around  people,  hanging  out, and  seeing  the  world. I  had  friends  that  were  so  awesome, I  had  a  great  boyfriend  that  would  have  married me  if  I  were  not  so   wild  back  then, as  I  think  of it  I  would  be  so  happy  right  now  but,  that  is  what  I  love  about  life.  You  live  you  learn,  and  you  keep  on  living.  no matter  what, or  who  you  meet  during  your life  time  never  change  who you are deep  down  inside  because,  he/she  was  never  there  when  you  was  in   Elementary  school.  So,  yes  it  is  possible  to  do  without  people  who  fail  so  sadly  to  make  you  happy. You  find  yourself  cheerful,  hyper, with an awesome smile, and next thing you  know  your  sick  because,  someone  broke  your  spirit,  because, someone you cared  about  broke  your  heart  because, that someone  does  not  care  about  YOU.  Then  when  you  start  to  think  about  how  you  use  to be  before  you  met  that  person  you  wish  you  never  met  him/her  because,  they  was a  waste  of  time because, they  refuse  to  understand  how  you  feel,  and  put  you  through  stupid  situations. Keeps  hurting  you  over, and over, and over again  like  a  Nightmare on Elm  street  movie.

How  can  you  live  a  peaceful  life?  what  I  learn in my 35  years  on this  earth  is that  the less  people  you have in your life the better. Why, put yourselves  through so much  pain  when  nobody  cares?  why,  put  up  with  continuously  having a  broken spirit  with so called  friends, or in a relationship when  you  can  live  a  longer, peaceful, healthy  life  without  all the  negativity, pain, and sorrow?  Even  without  friends  you  can  still  have a  life  because, at least  you  will not be  around  people  who  do  things that  you do not do when you are by yourself.

How To Get Rid Of A Cough & Cold

I  am  a  student  in  Healthcare,  and  besides  that  I  study  Herbs,  not  just  any  type  of  Herbs  but,  the  kind  that  can cure  diseases,  to  Common  Colds,  and  something  that  many  Scientists  have  not  found  today, and  that  is  how  to  get  rid  of  a  Flu  and  feel great. However,  that  remedy  will  only  last  for  24  hours. I  have  yet  to  find  which  Herb  works  best  because,  there  are  so  many  that  I  mix  together  for  many  symptoms.  Some  of  my  Medicines  that  I  do use  are  Non  Prescription  Drugs.  You  may  ask,  well  why?

The  reason  why  I  do  not  use  my  Prescriptions is  because,  through  out  my  life  I  have  seen,  and  heard  reports  of  the  young, and  Elderly  die  from  prescriptions  that  Doctors  have  given.Now  unless  it  is  a  serious  sickness  then  yes,  of  course  go  to  see  and  talk with a  Doctor.  I  will  let  you  on  a  secret that  may  save  a  life  of  your  friend, a family  member,  or  someone  you  care  about.

This ¬†Herb ¬†I ¬†use either ¬†twice ¬†a ¬†month, ¬†or ¬†once ¬†a ¬†month ¬†it’s ¬†purpose ¬†is ¬†to ¬†dissolve ¬†cyst, tumors, and kidney stones, it also ¬†help ¬†the liver. It is called ¬†{Papaya Leaves}.

My  favorite  Herb  that  I  take  myself  it  helps  with the  Respiratory  system  you  can  breathe  so good  to  where  you  will have  the  best sleep  because,  you  will notice  you  can  breathe 100%  better,  and  that  Herb  is  called {  Burdock Root}.  I  normally  take a  potato  peeler  and  peel  off  the  outside  of the  root, and  I  cute  it up,  put it in some  distilled  water, and let it boil you drink it like a  cup of TEA.  Once you  do drink, only  have  about two  cups a week. However, if you smoke  medical Marijuana, or tobacco cigarettes  that  means  that  your  Lungs  are  damaged, and  you  are  on  your  way  to  destroying   your  most  important  Organs  that  keep  you  living  because,  you  are  addicted  to  something  that  will  kill you  eventually.

¬†Your ¬†immune system ¬†will not be ¬†able ¬†to ¬†fight ¬†off ¬†Common ¬†colds, ¬†or simple ¬†coughs, ¬†and ¬†what ¬†makes ¬†it ¬†worse ¬†is ¬†that ¬†you’d ¬†take ¬†prescription¬†¬†drugs. ¬†I ¬†will update ¬†with ¬†more ¬†important information ¬†to ¬†help ¬†you ¬†stay ¬†healthy, and think about ¬†quitting ¬†smoking.