Respecting The Law

Why  respect  the  Law ?  Our  government  has  rules  for  citizens  to  live  by , to  keep  everything  under  control .  For example  citizens  can  not  drink  alcohol  beverages  till  they  reach  the  age  of  21, teenagers  have  curfews  to  be  in  doors  at  10  :  00  pm, the  speed  limit ,  and also going to school for an education  to keep  our  system  alive .

When  society  gives  the  Law  the  respect  that  they  are  entitled  to  it avoids  bellicose  arguments, disagreements ,  violence ,  and  deaths .  Without  authorities  the law forces the  streets would be in total  chaos, kids would stay home, or ditch school, banks would get robbed, and most of all individuals  that is fed up with life in general  and, have access to  weapons  would murder   going  postal would  be  in archetype  because ,  their would  be  know  Law .

Some in society  understands  why  the Laws exists  why having  Police  officers , sheriff’s ,  and FBI, security  officers are vital to public safety . Without  having Law, and rules  to abide  by  we  would  not  live  in  bucolics . However ,  thankfully  we  do ,  and  that  is  why  society  somewhat  has  bucolics  meaning  having  a  peaceful  environment  to  live  in .

Their  are  many  people  in  society  that  hate  the  law ,  and  chose  to  be  disrespectful . Do  you  think  that  our  government  is  pleased  with  those  individuals  attitudes ?  Certainly  not .  It  may  seem  as  if  our  governments  of  our  Country  lives  it  up .  In a way they do however, sometimes  they are just like us but, braver, stronger, smarter, spiffy ,  in a higher educated ,  technology  way.

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