Plagiarism Is Stealing

Plagiarism  Is  Stealing  ideas, writings, borrowing without  asking somebody else’s work. Coping  another’s writing ideas is theft, and it is wrong to do. In the music industry Plagiarism  is tolerated because ,  of Artist that has stolen, borrowed  other Artist, or writings and promised to give  back. People who Plagiarize  has no brain, and should never be trusted. Copying, borrowing, paste another’s  Authors, or writers work. if you are not creative or original  you should have never become something  he, or she is not. Any person that borrows, steal, cheat, copy, another’s   work should forget about becoming a writer, songwriter ,  or Author. Stealing another’s work just show what the Plagiarize would do for money. Rob, steal, and kill for paper that does not even belong to them. Many singer’s ,  and Rapper’s  praise their name, and are really proud  of their name when they Plagiarized  their way to the top. Stealing  to the extreme  of jacking another’s  car, breaking into another’s  home, paying of teachers for written completed school work, and in the end the student’s  idea’s   from  experience  in their life has been stolen. Plagiarism  is just another word for Murder , and theft. A person  who  Plagiarize  BEWARE, because most likely  they have also done  harm to other’s .  What type of harm? Mentally , physically ,  emotionally , and any other way to make the victim, or victims  feel that life is worthless all because ,  of some so called no Brainer  celebrity  who thinks that they can get away with plagiarism  Stealing another’s  life work. So before any of you give into some scum bag that is rich by being a Plagiarizer. It is not worth  being in a crew of thefts . A plagiarism  is wrong, bad, illegal , and against the LAW. If you know anyone  who Plagiarize  you do not want to go to jail with them, copying, borrowing , and Stealing another’s  work  is a cowardly  move, it is theft, and it is wrong. To all Authors , and  writers  it is vital that  you take the time and copyright  and of your manuscripts  you will be happy  that you did.

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