Is Making Love The Same As Having Sex?

I really  do not want  to  talk  about  the  first  time  I had sex. I would like to talk about how I felt when I did have sex. Was it making love? Or just sex? Okay I have two experiences so two relationships 😗 my first was when I was 18 years old we was friends  at first. He was just so oh my wow, wow he touched me so gentle  and  sweet , he held me just the way I wanted to be held. He was perfect in every way his only down fall, he liked  sex in the you know. Eventually ,  I got use to it after some years and, from him that was making love but, for me it was sex. After our eight year break up I told him ” “stop messin wit me😲.”

My  second  love encounter was a long lost friend we know each other for more than 11 years, and we never had sex. I only wanted  to  be  with  him not have  sex, years later we end up meeting  again because ,  prior to we had lost contact .  When I seen him I did not  know  who he was because in my age years of 24-29 I had short term memory  loss. And majority  of the people I know today I will not remember, when he walked up to me the thought in my mind was ” who is this amazing man walking towards me? What the why is he hugging me? Do I know you? I asked him, and when he smiled I remembered  exactly  who he was. Do any of you believe  in  love at first sight? Moment I set my eyes on him my heart felt passions , feelings  I thought I felt before but, I realized that I never felt like that, i…I gotta get his number he even knew that I was procrastinating on asking him. ” he’s   the one for me it got to be him I said to my self ,   he seems loving I said to myself , I wonder if he would love me again? Regardless, of me not looking the same I asked myself . Well, we made love for the first time out of the 11 years we known each other, I felt ashamed because ,  he said to me ” silver, after 2 years we met I wanted to marry you, you are the most beautiful  woman  I have ever seen.. he kissed me, rubbed me, so tight, and close I was under his spell, and their was nothing g I could do. Not even cry which that is what I am good at, instead when I walked away my stupid self walked to the corner  of the bedroom  so he had me cornered, and I had know choice but, to say I’m   yours.👑 and, I want you to make love to me. I told him that but, instead he wanted the I’m  yours desert. He was amazing way to deep but, he is the best I have ever had. He did not hold me he put it down. I never understood  that  until I was with him. And, I love him for that. Know do not get me wrong  about this situation  I am   upset and, that was like 4 years ago and it felt like it happen last night. To me in my opinion  he made love to me. He cared ( pass tense  ) about me. But, the following  time I understood  why he did not  hold me. Because, we are not married  and, as stupid  as this sounds I pray  that God will send me someone like him. If not I would  not  understand  why . So, what do you think? Was that making love, or just sex?

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