How To Start Your Day


When I wake up in the  morning  the first  thing  I do is think about  The dreams I have had for 5 minutes . Afterwards ,  I go to the bathroom  and I wash my face two times, and I make sure that  I  get  behind  my ears. I then wet my tooth brush shake off the extra  water  then I put toothpaste  on my toothbrush. I always  look at myself  in the mirror, I give myself  my full 100% attention  because ,  know one else will, and besides  that I have a life to live regardless  what other people say. Only I can live my life even though ,  every individual  is entitled  to their own opinion. Just because ,  many believe  that  the world is coming to an end doesn’t   mean  you have to put your dreams on hold. Starting  off your day mean that you control your path of what happens, by where you be. And that is either at the right place at the right time. Or at the wrong place at the wrong time. Meaning  the worse that can happen is meeting  a man or woman with AIDS, or some other type of STD.

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