Define True Love….

The meaning of true love can be found  in many books nowadays. True  love is not defined  the same way it was in the 1970s, or the 1950s. Back then the mortality  rate  of single parents was not so popular ,  and order of the day of a man, or a woman being known as a baby mama, or a baby daddy. In those days their was know known talk of such loose  conduct. From my experience  when I was in love or at least  I thought I was, I hated that I was so immature  and blind about my situation  of being with a man.  Not a day went by that I hope for that engagement ring . I was always  out doing my thing but, my rule was if he cared, or loved me as much as I cared, and loved him he would  sit me down, tell me how much he loves me, not seduce me into sex 24-7. He would have asked me to marry him because, that was his only key; he had know excuse  saying that ” he loved me enough  to have sex with me after marriage.” And then, when you think of it true love does not keep count of injuries. You hurt me, remember you did this, and that, it was all your faults. Love does not keep count of injuries  but, endures all things. Hope for all things,. Do you think when a friend ,  boyfriend , girlfriend ,  etc.. says to you ” man I love you, seriously ,  I would die for you”.  In this world  their is know such love, only God  had such love for all of mankind that he gave his only begotten  son in an exchange  for many, or all of mankind  here on earth.  Jesus  who Is God’s   only son died for humans because ,  of our first parents adam, and eve. When they had eaten from the tree of good, and bad it was a sin of disobedience.  Since adam ,and eve had sin against God  the only way to be for given was by a perfect human. But, since adam, and eve did not have children until after they disobey  God we had all been born into sin because ,  of our first parents Adam, and eve.

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