Define True Friend…

A True  Friend  Would  Not  Peer pressure  you into doing DRUGS –  having  sex – ditching school  – dress with your pants below your butt – wear short clothing – disrespect  life, elderly, or Authority’s  of any kind. For instance  your teacher’s, bus drivers, business  properties, managers, even animals.

A True  Friend  Would

Encourage   you for the better-  stop you from  making mistakes  if they see you going the wrong  way   – read every day   –  obedient  to their parents  to be a good  example  for you to follow –  all of the opposite   of bad, wrong doings .

Nevertheless ,  wanting to be with the opposite sex as in dating having respect  for each other in every way as friends  is always the best way to go. Showing your concern for a boy or a girl you have deep feeling for can go wrong if you try to do thing too right. Even if it is legal matters  it is always best to not speak unless you are being spoken to about the situation.

please feel free to comment  any questions  you  may  have . 👑

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