Respecting The Law

Why  respect  the  Law ?  Our  government  has  rules  for  citizens  to  live  by , to  keep  everything  under  control .  For example  citizens  can  not  drink  alcohol  beverages  till  they  reach  the  age  of  21, teenagers  have  curfews  to  be  in  doors  at  10  :  00  pm, the  speed  limit ,  and also going to school for an education  to keep  our  system  alive .

When  society  gives  the  Law  the  respect  that  they  are  entitled  to  it avoids  bellicose  arguments, disagreements ,  violence ,  and  deaths .  Without  authorities  the law forces the  streets would be in total  chaos, kids would stay home, or ditch school, banks would get robbed, and most of all individuals  that is fed up with life in general  and, have access to  weapons  would murder   going  postal would  be  in archetype  because ,  their would  be  know  Law .

Some in society ¬†understands ¬†why ¬†the Laws exists ¬†why having ¬†Police ¬†officers , sheriff’s , ¬†and FBI, security ¬†officers are vital to public safety . Without ¬†having Law, and rules ¬†to abide ¬†by ¬†we ¬†would ¬†not ¬†live ¬†in ¬†bucolics . However , ¬†thankfully ¬†we ¬†do , ¬†and ¬†that ¬†is ¬†why ¬†society ¬†somewhat ¬†has ¬†bucolics ¬†meaning ¬†having ¬†a ¬†peaceful ¬†environment ¬†to ¬†live ¬†in .

Their  are  many  people  in  society  that  hate  the  law ,  and  chose  to  be  disrespectful . Do  you  think  that  our  government  is  pleased  with  those  individuals  attitudes ?  Certainly  not .  It  may  seem  as  if  our  governments  of  our  Country  lives  it  up .  In a way they do however, sometimes  they are just like us but, braver, stronger, smarter, spiffy ,  in a higher educated ,  technology  way.

“I Am Your ” Poem From “Black Paradise”

¬† ¬† You ¬†are ¬†my ¬†sister, ¬†I ¬†am ¬†your….

Cherishing  the  days  that  we  shared   together ,  made  me  feel  like  I  am  your  sister.

We  laugh  

We  share  our  thoughts,  we  cook  together

Fetch  water  at  the  river  only  the  Lord  up  above  knows  what  the  next  day  fore  holds.  Another  day  of  happiness,  another  day  of  Dejah vu,  another day  of  independence ,   or  being  blessed  to  spend  another  day  with  you.  Another  day  to  see  the  beautiful    sky.

Another  day  to  dream  of  being  a  Prince  wife , another  day  to  dwell  upon  this  earth.

No ¬†love ¬†is ¬†greater ¬†than ¬†Love…

No ¬†hate ¬†is ¬†greater ¬†than ¬†fate…

No ¬†out ¬†cry ¬†is ¬†greater ¬†than ¬†War…

No  river  streams  down  a  path  quietly  as  if  it  were  tears.

The  thought  of  loosing  you  makes  me  weez,  the  thought  of  loosing  you  makes  my  heart  freeze.  While  tears  drop  down  from  my  face  I  will  not  remember   how  I  ended  up  here.  While  the  tears   run  down  my  face,  I  pray  that  reincarnation   is  real;   so  that  in  my  next  lifetime  I  will  know  not  to  trust    mankind  like  you.  Then  I  will  be  able  to  make  my  DREAMS  come  true.

Know  that  I  am  there  you  are  still  here.

Know  that  I  am  there  you  are  still  here.

I  do  not  care   if  you  take  my  dream,  I  do  not  care  if  you  make  me  scream.

A  Paradise   is   what  I  seen but,  living  it  is  like  Saturday  the  14th.  I  do  not  care  how  you  feel  because ,   you  are  so  educated  yet  ignorant   to  see  that  I  am  real.  And,  you  are  just  as  dieable  as  me.  Getting   to  know  you.

A ¬†“Black ¬†Paradise” ¬†is ¬†all ¬†I ¬†see.¬†

Am  I    your sista?

Am I    your  friend ?

Am  I    your  strip?

You  invited  me  here!,  and  this  is  where  (I)  decided  to  be  here

In  The   Land  Of  The    FREE.


In ¬†our ¬†world ¬†today ¬†there are ¬†many illnesses. Many people ¬†including ¬†myself ask ” ¬†are ¬†these ¬†diseases , ¬† and ¬†Flus ¬†man ¬†made? ¬†Or ¬†where ¬†do ¬†they ¬†come ¬†from? ¬†Just ¬†like ¬†humans ¬†bugs , ¬† and ¬† ¬†insects ¬† ¬†need ¬†a ¬†place ¬†to ¬†stay ¬†too. ¬† Misquitos, ¬†large ¬†roaches, ¬†small ¬†bugs, ¬†ants, ¬†bee’s . ¬† Believe ¬† ¬†it ¬†or ¬†not ¬† ¬†Rainforest ¬† is ¬†the ¬†main ¬†reason ¬†for ¬†many ¬†sicknesses ¬†today. ¬† For ¬†instance , ¬†Yasuhiro ¬†Rain Forest ¬†, ¬† Giant ¬†Fonterra Rain Forest ¬†, ¬†Indonesia, ¬†Madagascar ¬† Rain Forest ¬†, ¬† and Cameroon ¬† Forest are just a little . ¬† Just ¬†before, ¬†those ¬†Rain forest ¬†was ¬†destroyed ¬† ¬†animals, ¬†reptiles , ¬† and ¬† insects of ¬†all ¬†kinds ¬†lived ¬†in ¬†those ¬†Rain Forest.¬†

When ¬†man ¬†entered ¬†into ¬†the ¬†Rain Forest ¬†they ¬†brought ¬†destruction ¬†with ¬†them. ¬†In ¬†year ¬†1962 ¬†when ¬†the ¬†first ¬†Ebola Virus ¬†broke ¬†out ¬†it ¬†was ¬†indeed ¬†from ¬†a ¬†Bat. ¬† Many ¬†would ¬†ask ” ¬†well, ¬†bats ¬†live ¬†in ¬†caves, ¬†and ¬†Rain ¬†Forest ¬† do they ¬†not?” Since ¬†man ¬†destroyed ¬† ¬†the ¬†Rain ¬†Forest ¬†the ¬†Bats and ¬†insects ¬†has ¬†no ¬†habitats . ¬† So, ¬†they ¬†roam ¬†out, ¬†and ¬†whatever ¬†they ¬†had ¬†host ¬†on ¬†humans ¬†because , ¬† we ¬†have ¬†nice ¬†warm ¬†and ¬†moist ¬†bodies ¬†something ¬†that ¬†man ¬†taken ¬†away. So ¬†they ¬†use ¬†our ¬†flesh… ¬†How can ¬†we ¬†stop ¬†uncureable illnesses? ¬†Stop ¬†destroying ¬†the ¬†Rain ¬†Forest . ¬†Flu ‘ s ¬† like ¬†the

H1N1- H1N2, H7N9, H5N1, H3N2, H9N16, H1N2    the  list  goes  on  like  a  scroll.  Starting  from  the  first  outbreak    in  year  1918.  In  1967  Scilly Islands  had  the  first  Oil  Spill  of  ruffle  over  38  Million  Gallons  of  Oil,  and  till  this  very  day  BP  oil  spill  pipe  is  still  leaking  oil on  ocean  coast.  Pretty  soon  humans  will be  an  endangered  species     RAIN FOREST  DESTROYED      OCEAN    OIL  SPILL

mankind ¬†fixes ¬†other problems…..

Is  Their  Not  A  Solution ? ???


     How  many  of  you  wonderful  people  love  life?  Honestly ,  I  will  not  lie.  I  love  life,  life  is  amazing ;   we  get  to  learn  about  the  birds,  meet  new  people,  find  out  about  new  Villans on  the  News, fall  in  and  out  of  love, shop  at n huge  Malls, make  music,  sew  clothes.

     The  disadvantages  of  that  though  are  the  people  who  do  not  care ,   and  people  with  the  attitude  of  carelessness .  That  is  what  make  this world  a  frightening   place  to  live. If  your  not  murdered ,   your  kidnapped , and sold  to a  black  market ,   or  in  an  Airplane  crash,  car  crash ,  freak  accidents,  shot up, mistaken   identity ,  or on death row  for a crime   you had   no idea   about.  Let  alone   befriending    someone    you  had  no  idea  had  plans  to  try  to   rule  the  world . 

Have ¬†you ¬†had an associate ¬†that ¬†you ¬†thought ¬†you was ¬†cool ¬†with, and ¬†next ¬†thing ¬†you ¬†know n your getting ¬†a ¬†glass ¬†beer ¬†bottle slammed ¬†against ¬†your ¬†head? ¬†Or ¬†have ¬†you ¬†ever ¬†had ¬†a ¬†date, ¬†and ¬†you ¬†had ¬†sex ¬†with ¬†him ¬†but, ¬†he ¬†refused ¬†to ¬†take ¬†you ¬†home ¬† ¬†until ¬†you ¬†let ¬†his ¬†friend ¬†hit too? ¬†Or ¬†have ¬†you ¬†had ¬†a ¬†friend ¬†who’s ¬†friend shot ¬†at you ¬†YEAH! Crazy.. And, ¬†they ¬†tried ¬†to ¬†kill you ¬†and ¬†they ¬†still ¬†come ¬†to ¬†your ¬†house ¬†and ¬†think ¬†it ¬†was ¬†okay? ¬†Have ¬†you ¬†been ¬†in ¬†love ¬†with ¬†a ¬†man, ¬†or ¬†woman, ¬†and ¬†he/she ¬†slept ¬†with ¬†all ¬†kinds ¬†of ¬†people ¬†but, you ¬†do ¬†not ¬†care ¬†and ¬†still ¬†forgave ¬†him or her?

Because , ¬†of ¬†Love?…

I  have . ..

It ¬†is ¬†hard ¬†to ¬†forgive ¬†when ¬†a person ¬†practically ¬†ruins ¬†your ¬†life ; ¬†that ¬†is ¬†why ¬†I ¬†say ” the ¬†less ¬†people ¬†you ¬†have ¬†in ¬†your ¬†life ¬†the less ¬†problems you ¬†have”. I ¬†am ¬†so ¬†happy ¬†I ¬†never ¬†married ¬†it ¬†would have ¬†been ¬†the ¬†biggest ¬†mistake ¬†I ¬†would ¬†have ¬†ever ¬†made in ¬†my ¬†lifetime . ¬† I ¬†am ¬†happy ¬†that ¬†everybody ¬†disappeared ¬†because , ¬†all those associates ¬†was keeping ¬†me ¬†from ¬†my dreams. ¬†Now ¬† I ¬†have ¬†a ¬†beautiful ¬†peaceful ¬†life.

God  forgives  in  certain  ways, m if  you  think  about  it.  The  only way  for  anybody  to  get  forgiveness  by  God,  is  to  ask  in  prayer  with  a  humble  heart,  show  repentance ,   stop  committing  the  same  sin,  and  get  baptized .   We  as  imperfect  humans, even  if  we  were  perfect  we  can  not  be  like  God.

Plagiarism Is Stealing

Plagiarism ¬†Is ¬†Stealing ¬†ideas, writings, borrowing without ¬†asking somebody else’s work. Coping ¬†another’s writing ideas is theft, and it is wrong to do. In the music industry Plagiarism ¬†is tolerated because , ¬†of Artist that has stolen, borrowed ¬†other Artist, or writings and promised to give ¬†back. People who Plagiarize ¬†has no brain, and should never be trusted. Copying, borrowing, paste another’s ¬†Authors, or writers work. if you are not creative or original ¬†you should have never become something ¬†he, or she is not. Any person that borrows, steal, cheat, copy, another’s ¬† work should forget about becoming a writer, songwriter , ¬†or Author. Stealing another’s work just show what the Plagiarize would do for money. Rob, steal, and kill for paper that does not even belong to them. Many singer’s , ¬†and Rapper’s ¬†praise their name, and are really proud ¬†of their name when they Plagiarized ¬†their way to the top. Stealing ¬†to the extreme ¬†of jacking another’s ¬†car, breaking into another’s ¬†home, paying of teachers for written completed school work, and in the end the student’s ¬†idea’s ¬† from ¬†experience ¬†in their life has been stolen. Plagiarism ¬†is just another word for Murder , and theft. A person ¬†who ¬†Plagiarize ¬†BEWARE, because most likely ¬†they have also done ¬†harm to other’s . ¬†What type of harm? Mentally , physically , ¬†emotionally , and any other way to make the victim, or victims ¬†feel that life is worthless all because , ¬†of some so called no Brainer ¬†celebrity ¬†who thinks that they can get away with plagiarism ¬†Stealing another’s ¬†life work. So before any of you give into some scum bag that is rich by being a Plagiarizer. It is not worth ¬†being in a crew of thefts . A plagiarism ¬†is wrong, bad, illegal , and against the LAW. If you know anyone ¬†who Plagiarize ¬†you do not want to go to jail with them, copying, borrowing , and Stealing another’s ¬†work ¬†is a cowardly ¬†move, it is theft, and it is wrong. To all Authors , and ¬†writers ¬†it is vital that ¬†you take the time and copyright ¬†and of your manuscripts ¬†you will be happy ¬†that you did.


¬† ¬† “It ¬†feels ¬†so ¬†good ¬†being ¬†alive ¬†on ¬†a ¬†day ¬†like ¬†this ¬†“. Life ¬†can ¬†be ¬†looked ¬†at ¬†in ¬†any ¬†form ¬†or ¬†fashion . ¬†Life ¬†can ¬†be ¬†either ¬†scary, fun , ¬†adventurous , mysterious . Life ¬†can ¬†be ¬†any ¬†way ¬†you ¬†want ¬†it ¬†to ¬†be . Society ¬†says ¬†” ¬†that people has to ¬†be ¬†logical ¬†and ¬†realistic “. ¬†Everyday people new born babies are born into ¬†this world with a bright future, clean background , ¬†and ¬†an equal ¬†opportunity ¬†/ chance in life.¬†

To have a GREAT  life . ..

When we enter ¬†into ¬†this ¬†world ¬†we ¬†have ¬†nothing ¬†not ¬†even ¬†a ¬†diaper . As ¬†we ¬†get ¬†older , ¬†we ¬†get ¬†educated , education ¬†is the most ¬†important ¬†part ¬†in ¬†life. Getting ¬†the opportunity ¬†to ¬†get ¬†education ¬†is the best situation ¬†anybody ¬†could ¬†be ¬†in . ¬†Without ¬†education ¬†an ¬†Adventure ¬†can ¬†not ¬†have ¬†a ¬†adventurous ¬†life, without ¬†education ¬†a person that loves ¬†mystery ¬†can ¬†not ¬†live ¬†a ¬†life ¬†of ¬†mysteries . Getting ¬†the ¬†job ¬†you ¬†love ¬†makes ¬†life ¬†enjoyable ¬†to ¬†were ¬†having ¬†the ¬†love ¬†of ¬†your ¬†life ¬†can ¬†wait . ¬†When ¬†life ¬†comes ¬†down ¬†to ¬†it ¬†know ¬†one ¬†can ¬†support ¬†you , ¬†educate ¬†you , ¬†spoil ¬†you , ¬†pamper ¬†you ¬†but , ¬†you . ¬†Keeping ¬†good ¬†hygiene ¬†for instance , ¬†brushing ¬†your ¬†hair , ¬†teeth, washing your hair , ¬†keeping ¬†you clothes nice neat, and folded, bathe correctly . ¬†Don’t ¬†let people ¬†put ¬†their ¬†hands ¬†on ¬†you, invading ¬†your ¬†space . ¬†The ¬†less ¬†people ¬†that ¬†you have ¬†in your ¬†life ¬†will bring less to ¬†none ¬†anxiety ¬†of ¬†being ¬†given ¬†respect , ¬†or disrespect .

Is Making Love The Same As Having Sex?

I really ¬†do not want ¬†to ¬†talk ¬†about ¬†the ¬†first ¬†time ¬†I had sex. I would like to talk about how I felt when I did have sex. Was it making love? Or just sex? Okay I have two experiences so two relationships ūüėó my first was when I was 18 years old we was friends ¬†at first. He was just so oh my wow, wow he touched me so gentle ¬†and ¬†sweet , he held me just the way I wanted to be held. He was perfect in every way his only down fall, he liked ¬†sex in the you know. Eventually , ¬†I got use to it after some years and, from him that was making love but, for me it was sex. After our eight year break up I told him ” “stop messin wit meūüė≤.”

My ¬†second ¬†love encounter was a long lost friend we know each other for more than 11 years, and we never had sex. I only wanted ¬†to ¬†be ¬†with ¬†him not have ¬†sex, years later we end up meeting ¬†again because , ¬†prior to we had lost contact . ¬†When I seen him I did not ¬†know ¬†who he was because in my age years of 24-29 I had short term memory ¬†loss. And majority ¬†of the people I know today I will not remember, when he walked up to me the thought in my mind was ” who is this amazing man walking towards me? What the why is he hugging me? Do I know you? I asked him, and when he smiled I remembered ¬†exactly ¬†who he was. Do any of you believe ¬†in ¬†love at first sight? Moment I set my eyes on him my heart felt passions , feelings ¬†I thought I felt before but, I realized that I never felt like that, i…I gotta get his number he even knew that I was procrastinating on asking him. ” he’s ¬† the one for me it got to be him I said to my self , ¬† he seems loving I said to myself , I wonder if he would love me again? Regardless, of me not looking the same I asked myself . Well, we made love for the first time out of the 11 years we known each other, I felt ashamed because , ¬†he said to me ” silver, after 2 years we met I wanted to marry you, you are the most beautiful ¬†woman ¬†I have ever seen.. he kissed me, rubbed me, so tight, and close I was under his spell, and their was nothing g I could do. Not even cry which that is what I am good at, instead when I walked away my stupid self walked to the corner ¬†of the bedroom ¬†so he had me cornered, and I had know choice but, to say I’m ¬† yours.ūüĎĎ and, I want you to make love to me. I told him that but, instead he wanted the I’m ¬†yours desert. He was amazing way to deep but, he is the best I have ever had. He did not hold me he put it down. I never understood ¬†that ¬†until I was with him. And, I love him for that. Know do not get me wrong ¬†about this situation ¬†I am ¬† upset and, that was like 4 years ago and it felt like it happen last night. To me in my opinion ¬†he made love to me. He cared ( pass tense ¬†) about me. But, the following ¬†time I understood ¬†why he did not ¬†hold me. Because, we are not married ¬†and, as stupid ¬†as this sounds I pray ¬†that God will send me someone like him. If not I would ¬†not ¬†understand ¬†why . So, what do you think? Was that making love, or just sex?

Define True Love….

The meaning of true love can be found ¬†in many books nowadays. True ¬†love is not defined ¬†the same way it was in the 1970s, or the 1950s. Back then the mortality ¬†rate ¬†of single parents was not so popular , ¬†and order of the day of a man, or a woman being known as a baby mama, or a baby daddy. In those days their was know known talk of such loose ¬†conduct. From my experience ¬†when I was in love or at least ¬†I thought I was, I hated that I was so immature ¬†and blind about my situation ¬†of being with a man. ¬†Not a day went by that I hope for that engagement ring . I was always ¬†out doing my thing but, my rule was if he cared, or loved me as much as I cared, and loved him he would ¬†sit me down, tell me how much he loves me, not seduce me into sex 24-7. He would have asked me to marry him because, that was his only key; he had know excuse ¬†saying that ” he loved me enough ¬†to have sex with me after marriage.” And then, when you think of it true love does not keep count of injuries. You hurt me, remember you did this, and that, it was all your faults. Love does not keep count of injuries ¬†but, endures all things. Hope for all things,. Do you think when a friend , ¬†boyfriend , girlfriend , ¬†etc.. says to you ” man I love you, seriously , ¬†I would die for you”. ¬†In this world ¬†their is know such love, only God ¬†had such love for all of mankind that he gave his only begotten ¬†son in an exchange ¬†for many, or all of mankind ¬†here on earth. ¬†Jesus ¬†who Is God’s ¬† only son died for humans because , ¬†of our first parents adam, and eve. When they had eaten from the tree of good, and bad it was a sin of disobedience. ¬†Since adam ,and eve had sin against God ¬†the only way to be for given was by a perfect human. But, since adam, and eve did not have children until after they disobey ¬†God we had all been born into sin because , ¬†of our first parents Adam, and eve.

Define True Friend…

A True ¬†Friend ¬†Would ¬†Not ¬†Peer pressure ¬†you into doing DRUGS – ¬†having ¬†sex – ditching school ¬†– dress with your pants below your butt – wear short clothing – disrespect ¬†life, elderly, or Authority’s ¬†of any kind. For instance ¬†your teacher’s, bus drivers, business ¬†properties, managers, even animals.

A True  Friend  Would

Encourage   you for the better-  stop you from  making mistakes  if they see you going the wrong  way   Рread every day   Р obedient  to their parents  to be a good  example  for you to follow Р all of the opposite   of bad, wrong doings .

Nevertheless ,  wanting to be with the opposite sex as in dating having respect  for each other in every way as friends  is always the best way to go. Showing your concern for a boy or a girl you have deep feeling for can go wrong if you try to do thing too right. Even if it is legal matters  it is always best to not speak unless you are being spoken to about the situation.

please feel free to comment ¬†any questions ¬†you ¬†may ¬†have . ūüĎĎ